Le Temps

Avez-vous le temps ? Ne dites jamais OUI
On va vous le voler.

Il y a ceux qui ont le temps
Et il y a les voleurs de temps.
Donnez-moi cinq minutes !
Mes dernières cinq minutes je les ai déjà données.
Je n’ai plus de « cinq minutes » à donner.

J’ai perdu du temps !
Ne dites jamais que vous l’avez trouvé.

Dans mon temps ..
C’est le vôtre, gardez-le.

Le bon vieux temps, comme son nom l’indique c’est pour les vieux.

Par les temps qui courent ..
N’essayez pas de les rattraper. Ils sont déjà loin.

Il y a bien sûr le temps des cerises, le temps c’est de l’argent.

L’air du temps

Un temps fou

Juste à temps

Passer son temps

Le temps libre

Les temps morts

Avoir du temps à perdre

Le bon temps

Le temps qui passe

J’ai voulu l’arrêter pour prendre un verre mais le temps n’avait pas le temps.

J’aurais dû essayer un temps mort mais les temps morts ne boivent pas.

The Wrong Word Can Kill You

The wrong word can kill you!
The Unabomber killed the Timber Association of California President.
Because the word TIMBER means killer.
This is what « killers » say when they kill a tree
The presidents of Harvard and MIT lost their jobs because they used the wrong word: CONTEXT. 
How do you feel about the Holocaust? 
It depends on the context. Thank you, but you are fired!
The background is necessary:
You don’t see a white dot on a white background.
It is called the Zeitgeist. 
Today, everybody speaks of NESTLE and its «scientific» water, meaning it is no longer so pure and natural. 
What about IRRIGATION?
What are the words that should NEVER be associated with WATER?
You better know if you don’t want to lose your job 
(Harvard) or be killed (Timber). 
You don’t succeed because you are honest and work hard.
You succeed because you are ON CODE.


I don’t like these words.
I prefer awake or aware.
It is dangerous to be happy if it means not being aware, not awake, and concerned about the dangers. 
Optimistic Jews ended up in the gas chamber, 
pessimistic ones at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.
Why are the Swiss safe? Because they are Paranoid.
If well-being is passive, it is dangerous.
If it includes awareness of dangers, it gives you more chances to survive.
The code for Mother is: Total Paranoia. This is why we are still alive. 
Remember the old Eastern saying that stated that if you want peace, you prepare for war? (See the Swiss model)
Well-being is the new Psychologic drug. 
I am for active well-being, which includes 
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, knowing that nothing stays the same and that you might have to IMPROVISE.
«Becoming» is a succession of improvisation.
When you make plans, God Laughs!

Forget about AI

Forget about AI. Forget about Algorithms. Forget about binary computers. They are all obsolete. They are pre-quantum.

BQ: (Before Quantum) Like when the world was flat. This is old-age thinking. This is the OLD REALITY. Time does not go only in one direction. Space is bonded. A particle can be in two places at the same time and can go through solid walls. Crazy, right? Wait until you know more about Quantum physics!

Choose Life

I don’t want a long, healthy, boring life. 

No Gluten

No Fat 

No Meat 

No Sugar 

The above all means No Taste

No Cigars 

No Whiskey 

No Sex Please, We’re British (a play written by Alistair Foot and Anthony Marriott, which premiered at the Strand in London)

It all means NO LIFE!

Some people are dead; we just forgot to tell them.

Why do you want to live longer if your life is boring, with no fun, pleasure, sugar, gluten…, or taste? 

When your life is exciting, you cannot die.

When your life is boring, you are already dead. 

Death is an attitude. Happy is a choice.

A friend of mine was enjoying a great life. Three girlfriends, whiskey and cigars, a lot of food, a lot of sex, but he was overweight. So he went to see his doctor. 

Jim, you cannot keep living this way. You are going to die. You have to change your lifestyle; you must exercise, follow a diet, no alcohol, no cigars, lose weight, go down to one girlfriend, don’t stay up all night dancing and drinking, and go to bed at nine. 

Okay, Doc. I will.

He followed all the rules imposed by his doctor. 

He became skinny, healthy, and sober. 

He had a beautiful waistline and beautiful skin. 

A few days later, he was hit by a truck and died.

The doctor was right when he said, «You are going to die.»

Choose life!

We are all going to die … anyway!

So let’s have a beautiful, sexy, unhealthy Rye Manhattan and enjoy life. 

Life is too good.

I don’t have time to die!

Let’s Become Quantum Creators

Everything is in our minds.  There are consequences to how you feed your mind. 

We should be grateful not for what is happening to us now but for what will happen in our future, the new future we are creating now! 

Yes, thanks; I am grateful for what is going to happen next.

We are quantum creators.  Let’s give thanks for this incredible potential we all have.  Let’s feed our minds with greatness, compassion, genius, love, awareness, and generosity, and let this become our new self, our new collective future.  Let’s create it in our minds and then make it happen.

Too many people are in survival mode.  We need to move this world to the Quantum Creator mode.

I want to thank and express my gratitude to everyone worldwide who is showing the way.

There is a new world inside each of us; let’s give birth to it.

The New Quantum Generation

They are our children, but they are from another planet. They need an operating manual with new maps, rules, principles, and a new way of thinking because they are landing in a completely different world, The Quantum world. This is why I call them the QUANTUM GENERATION.

It is not just a classic rebellion against the former generation. It is a metamorphosis, the Chrysalid.

It becomes a butterfly and can fly, looking at us, still crawling on the ground. 

They are in different universes, a world of multiple universes, parallel universes.

The old generation has two significant handicaps in the way they think. They are using old glasses to look at reality and everyday life.

The first is their BINARIAN perspective. 

You are either a winner OR a loser

Rich OR poor, friend OR enemy. 

This ancient philosophy comes from Mani, who invented Manichaeism in the 3rd century BC. Life became simple. You are good OR bad. The universe is made of opposite forces: good forces and evil forces. So, we have God Or the Devil.

Heaven OR Hell, Male OR female.

The dialectic never gives birth to the synthesis (sorry, Mr. Hegel).

This « Cosmogony » ruled the world for several thousands of years, leading us to two World Wars, millions of dead, and two atomic bombs.

« Science » (I mean binary science) gave us dumb computers. Einstein said they are dumb; they only give you answers. These dumb computers created artificial stupidity, giving us « scientific, » answers to wrong questions.

The second handicap is linear thinking. 

Always look at causes before consequences, as the past creates the present in that order and laws that can predict the future. Descartes gave us the separation of mind and body, and Newton gave us the Laws of motion and Newton’s mechanics.

Of course, some « crazy » people started questioning this reasoning, but they were immediately labeled as crazy. 

Time is relative, said Einstein, the twin experiment. The shortest way between two points is not a straight line?

And many mystics or poets were relegated to pre-scientific thinking, having smoked too much. 

Since the beginning of the 20th century, a group of Crazy scientists have explored the Quantum world. 

Today, Quantum computers can answer questions in 100 seconds, taking regular computers years. 

It is time to stop looking at Mystics and poets as « crazy. » They might just have been ahead of their time. 

The Quantum generation is bridging the gap between them and our future. 

Soon, I will give you the first elements of the Quantum Generation Operating Manual.

Stay connected.

The Quantum Revolution

If there is a consensus, it’s that there is no consensus. It works, but we don’t know how it works. There is no certainty in Quantum.

How do we deal with « uncertainty? »

Well, maybe our « certainty » was an Illusion.

We never explore the REAL reality, only our overly simplistic mental reassuring binary and linear illusion.

The Quantum generation is the new pioneer. They have to navigate with no instruments, map, or certainty. This is what is exciting! To go where no one else has gone before, yes, this is risky, but not to go is more risky or riskier.

We cannot keep denying the REAL reality for too long. Even if we accept that this might be just a temporary REAL reality.

Infinitely small might be the new glasses we need to understand that the universe is expanding, that the sun will one day stop burning, that time goes in all directions, and that we might be in parallel universes simultaneously.

« Spooky, » said Einstein.

We need new minds, glasses, quests, and passion for this fascinating new universe.

One day, we might wonder what took us so long to get rid of the old chains.

India is going to beat China


In 2023, Indigo (an Indian company) purchased Five hundred (500) A32 Airbus planes, the largest single purchase agreement in the history of commercial aviation. But this is not all.  In the same year, 2023, Air India ordered Two-hundred twenty (220) Boeing and Two-hundred fifty 250 Airbus planes.  Together, this is close to 1000 aircrafts ordered!  WOW!!!

The second indicator is that the Indian population is now bigger than China’s.

The third indicator is that this is the largest democracy in the world.

The last indicator is that they all speak three languages, including English.

But more than anything else, this is the Indian Culture that will make the difference.  I will tell you more about why the Indian culture is Quantum. Quantum thinking is what will give them an advantage over other cultures.

Quantum India will beat Binary Linear China.

I will keep you posted.