I lost my mind, but don’t worry.
Don’t try to find it; I don’t want it back.
It’s an old one full of corpses and frozen ideas.
If you find it, you can keep it.
I am working on a new one.


We are all familiar with the McLean 3 brain theory: The cortex is logical and rational, the limbic is emotional, and the reptilian is instinctive and about survival.  However, quantum physics shows us that we are missing the most crucial brain: the Fourth Brain.

The fourth brain is not Binary.  We are not good OR bad  We are all good AND bad, and more, which opens up the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

The fourth brain is not limited to our nervous system.   We are surrounded by and constantly immersed in and influenced by our environment.  We receive constant waves of energy from material things, and as quantum physics teaches us, everything is connected, and everything is energy.

My house is not inert.  It sends me signs, vibrations, and waves of energy.  It does not just influence my way of thinking and being; it is my fourth brain.

As it is, my dog is constantly communicating with my other brains.  Some people will call the fourth brain the Exo-Brain, but it’s a mistake as my fourth brain is united with my other brains.

Descartes separated the mind from the body, but we know they are one today. Now, with quantum physics, we know that everything is connected. 

Our three brains are definitely connected and influenced by our guts, hearts, and many more connections that we have yet to discover.

The beauty of our fourth brain is that it is not linear.  It is not B after A and C after B.  It goes in all directions at once.

We are our past, present, and futures (plural intentional). According to quantum physics, time goes in all directions.  I know it’s spooky, but a consequence might happen before the cause.

So the fourth brain can explain premonition, visits to the future, modification, and reinvention of our past, parallel universes, former lives, and more.  Always and

more as the fourth brain is always « Becoming » and never finished.

In summary, the Fourth Brain is our Quantum Brain. It means accepting uncertainty (the Heisenberg uncertainty principle), that our science is reductive and atrophies our creative capacities, that we can be a multitude of people at once, and that there is no dogma but only probabilities. 

It is time to stop the dictator of the BLT (Binary Linear thinking) and to start thinking Quantum by activating our FOURTH BRAIN. 

Le vin et les livres

Les livres sont comme les vins.

Il y a ceux qu’il faut consommer toute de suite, le beaujolais nouveau et ceux qu’il faut attendre qu’ils mûrissent et s’affirment comme une femme dans la fleur de l’âge comme les Château Beychevelle.

Un livre que l’on lit qu’une fois n’est pas un livre plaisir.

Une fois que l’on a goûté un Romanée-Conti on en reveut 

Il y a des livres qu’il faut savoir attendre, espérer désirer jusqu‘au moment où ils éclosent et livrent tous leurs parfums 

Un vin qui à cent ans n’est pas un vin à boire mais un vin à écouter. Son histoire d’abord puis sa vie récente comme une renaissance.

Le livre n’est pas sa couverture, comme le vin n’est pas son étiquette.

Les femmes passent beaucoup de temps à s’habiller pour qu’on ait envie de les déshabiller.  Il faut déshabiller les livres et déshabiller les vins.

Il faut ouvrir la bouteille en avance pour laisser le vin s’oxygéner. Je fais de même avec mes nouveaux livres. Il faut qu’ils s’imprègnent de la Zeigeist. Il faut qu’ils se fassent désirer, car le désire c’est déjà le plaisir.

La vie est merveilleuse quand on peut apprécier un livre, un vin, et une femme que l’on aime.

Quand mes amis

Quand mes amis me fuient

Il reste là, lui 



À me regarder 

Sans bruits;

Parce qu’il a tout compris

Lui qui ne dit rien 

Mais qui sent tout

Et qui n’a pas besoin de lire 

Pour savoir

Pour voir 

Dans l’ombre des décombres

De mes pensées 


Les fleurs de mon âme

Qui se fane.

Alors il vient poser sa patte sur la mienne 

Comme pour me faire une infusion de vie 

Une transfusion d’espoirs abandonnés 

Qu’il a récolté 

Sur mes chemins;


Le long de mes randonnées 


Un jour 

Tu vas aussi me quitter 

Pour t’enfuir

Au paradis des chiens 

Plus humains que les humains

Mais je sais que tu te réincarneras dans Pune autre boule de poils

Pour me montrer le chemin

D’une vie de chien

Toi mon maître 

À sentir.

Who are you becoming today

  • To think positive is not enough.
  • You are the placebo. 
  • Every day, give instructions to your brain. Your brain is a tool, not the master.
  • You can un-memorize or de-imprint to stop repeating the past; new psychotherapy.
  • You are not who you are (which is what you were), but you are what you are BECOMING. 
  • Resentment, Regrets, etc., wastes your energy. 
  • You are energy in action. You need focus, intention, direction, and higher purpose. 
  • Success means coherence between strong, powerful emotions and a clear objective and intention.
  • You can be ahead of yourself.
  • The brain does not see the difference between emotions from an actual situation or from what you imagine. 
  • You can learn the right move in tennis or golf by rehearsing and repeating it in your mind. 


  • You are movement and energy.
  • You can change your past because the past does not exist and is a constant recreation in your brain. See The Invention of Memory by Israel Rosenfield.
  • There is no contradiction between matter and spirit. They are one.
  • Mystics and Scientists are saying the same thing. They are both the foundation of Quantum Psychology. See Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics.
  • Quantum Psychology reconciles and integrates Freud, Jung, Carlos Castaneda, Heisenberg, Einstein, Schrödinger, and all the Quantum physicists.
  • Quantum Creativity creates moments of eternity when you are out of time and space.
  • Quantum Psychology completely changes your relationship with your body. 
  • You can create new mental connections which become the new you. 

In old psychology, I want to know what you think about me.  In Quantum Psychology, I want to know what you think about me, how you feel about me, and what you think I think about what you think about me, which is endless. This is the awareness of this endless spiral that looks like it stops, but in Quantum Psychology, it never stops. R.D. Laing from the Tavistock Institute in London was the first one to describe this. My first book, published in 1972, is about him. He was one of the pioneers of Quantum Psychology.

It was because of my first book that I was invited to teach a class on Wisdom of Madness and Antipsychiatry at Thomas Jefferson College in 1975.  

Who are you BECOMING today? 

Never forget to be crazy! 

The Code

Once you know the code, you understand why people do what they do, and how best to appeal to their reptilian needs.

The code is the access to the structure of the forces that organize a culture; the way we think and function.

The code is like the combination of a safe’s lock. If you have all the numbers, but not the proper order, you cannot open the door.

Cultural codes are unconscious. Bringing the codes into awareness – decoding them – can illuminate people’s psyche and help explain why we are the way we are.

“Why people do what they do?  This is the aim of the system.”

LISTEN TO YOUR BANANA: The coming of the Quantum Parallel Universes 

  • The quantum computer
  • Indian CEOs
  • The coming of INDIA 
  • It works, but we don’t know how it works 
  • Spooky action at a distance 
  • The Wisdom of Madness
What if we just had the wrong glasses or lenses for centuries?  It has become apparent that we need to learn how to think QUANTUM.
  • Throw away the old glasses.
  • Stop being binairian.
  • Stop linear thinking.
  • Eliminate all dogma.
  • Be aware that science aims to increase your anxiety as you move from a hypothesis to a new hypothesis that explains why the previous one was a mistake. 
  • Time, Space, and Energy must be reconsidered.
  • Time goes in all directions; consequences can occur before the cause.
  • Space is curved.
  • The universe is empty.  Only energy exists.
  • Our reality is an illusion. 
  • The observer effect.
  • Objectivity is impossible. 
  • The uncertainty principle.
  • Only probabilities. 
  • Everything exists already. 
  • Complementarity instead of opposition.
  • Everything is connected. 
  • Mind and body are one.
  • Yes – No – Yes and No- and a lot more. We have yet to explore the MORE.
  • Quantum thinking is more.
THE BIG STEP: The reintegration of:
  • Mysticism
  • Archetypes 
  • Paranormal
  • Madness 
  • Jung
  • Einstein
  • Artists 
  • Poets 
  • Hidden forces 
We are in the Stone Age of discovering the Quantum parallel universes. This is the very beginning of a new age. How many geniuses have been put in mental health hospitals because we had the wrong glasses?

130: Your New Life Expectancy

A few years ago, a group of scientists asked me to discover the code for immortality. Everybody was okay with being 100 if they could still be independent, which meant going to the bathroom alone, but nobody wanted to be 200. They told me, « All my friends are going to be dead.”
Today, the Zeitgeist has changed. There are close to 800,000 centenarians worldwide, more than the entire population of Luxembourg.  The predictions are that by 2050, we will have over 4 million centenarians, which is twice more than the population of Iceland.  But this is not all. Being 110 is becoming very common, and more people surpassing 110: Jeanne Clement in France is 122, and Kane Tanaka in Japan is 118.
This gives us an entirely different perspective. According to experts, 130 will soon be our « reasonable expectation.”  We should not think about how old we are but how many decades of life we still have in front of us. 
I discovered then that we have three ways to look at age.
  1. The date on your passport: your official age.
  2. Your biological age: we now say that 70 is the new 50. 
  3. Our psychological age: we found that people in retirement homes acted more like teenagers than grandparents. They don’t respect the rules, they are rude, always looking for sex, and complain all the time.
Rupert Murdoch is getting married at 92 with a very young woman who is 66. 
Okay, it helps to have a lot of money, but 92, WOW.
Centenarians usually have a unique sense of purpose. It is not just the Okinawa diet that keeps them alive over 100 (86,510 Japanese are over 100) but what they call « Ikigaï, » or your higher purpose.
An old friend told me, « I am too busy; I don’t have time to die. » He was very busy creating animal shelters. 
It is never too late to start a new adventure, learn a new language, make new friends, be provocative, discover your new « Ikigaī, » or fight for something or someone you love. 
Remember, happiness is a choice. 
Happy « Ikigaī”!


Quand les choses me résistent. Elles tombent, se cachent, changent de place, pour que je ne les trouve pas. 

Quand les choses sont contre moi, il faut les écouter.
Elles ne sont pas contre moi, elles me parlent et, c’est à moi de les écouter. 
Pourquoi chercher ces vieilles chaussures qui te font mal aux pieds.
Pourquoi chercher des vieilles photos qui te font mal au cœur. Souvenirs d’un passé qui n’existe plus. 
Puis, brusquement une chose apparaît que je ne cherchais pas. Ce n’est pas un souvenir, c’est un devenir. Il faut remplacer les souvenirs par des DEVENIRS.
Nostalgiques sont ceux qui n’ont que des souvenirs. 
Impatients sont ceux qui ont des devenirs, des portes qu’il faut ouvrir, des directions qu’il faut prendre et ne jamais rendre aux voleurs de devenir. 
Quand les choses me résistent elles me parlent d’un passé qui‘il faut fuir.
Quand les choses se manifestent d’elles-mêmes sans que je les cherche, elles me parlent d’un devenir qu’il faut suivre comme un fil d’ariane pour trouver ma nouvelle vie.
Quand les choses…
Quand les choses me résistent, comme un cheval avant l’obstacle, c’est qu’elles se rassemblent pour mieux sauter.
Quand les choses me parlent, il faut toujours les écouter. 
Je ne possède pas mes choses, elles m’ont choisi. 
Ce sont mes anges gardien
qui m’indiquent le chemin
de mes demains 

The Wrong Word Can Kill You

The wrong word can kill you!
The Unabomber killed the Timber Association of California President.
Because the word TIMBER means killer.
This is what « killers » say when they kill a tree
The presidents of Harvard and MIT lost their jobs because they used the wrong word: CONTEXT. 
How do you feel about the Holocaust? 
It depends on the context. Thank you, but you are fired!
The background is necessary:
You don’t see a white dot on a white background.
It is called the Zeitgeist. 
Today, everybody speaks of NESTLE and its «scientific» water, meaning it is no longer so pure and natural. 
What about IRRIGATION?
What are the words that should NEVER be associated with WATER?
You better know if you don’t want to lose your job 
(Harvard) or be killed (Timber). 
You don’t succeed because you are honest and work hard.
You succeed because you are ON CODE.