I don’t like these words.
I prefer awake or aware.
It is dangerous to be happy if it means not being aware, not awake, and concerned about the dangers. 
Optimistic Jews ended up in the gas chamber, 
pessimistic ones at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.
Why are the Swiss safe? Because they are Paranoid.
If well-being is passive, it is dangerous.
If it includes awareness of dangers, it gives you more chances to survive.
The code for Mother is: Total Paranoia. This is why we are still alive. 
Remember the old Eastern saying that stated that if you want peace, you prepare for war? (See the Swiss model)
Well-being is the new Psychologic drug. 
I am for active well-being, which includes 
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, knowing that nothing stays the same and that you might have to IMPROVISE.
«Becoming» is a succession of improvisation.
When you make plans, God Laughs!

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