Who are you becoming today

  • To think positive is not enough.
  • You are the placebo. 
  • Every day, give instructions to your brain. Your brain is a tool, not the master.
  • You can un-memorize or de-imprint to stop repeating the past; new psychotherapy.
  • You are not who you are (which is what you were), but you are what you are BECOMING. 
  • Resentment, Regrets, etc., wastes your energy. 
  • You are energy in action. You need focus, intention, direction, and higher purpose. 
  • Success means coherence between strong, powerful emotions and a clear objective and intention.
  • You can be ahead of yourself.
  • The brain does not see the difference between emotions from an actual situation or from what you imagine. 
  • You can learn the right move in tennis or golf by rehearsing and repeating it in your mind. 


  • You are movement and energy.
  • You can change your past because the past does not exist and is a constant recreation in your brain. See The Invention of Memory by Israel Rosenfield.
  • There is no contradiction between matter and spirit. They are one.
  • Mystics and Scientists are saying the same thing. They are both the foundation of Quantum Psychology. See Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics.
  • Quantum Psychology reconciles and integrates Freud, Jung, Carlos Castaneda, Heisenberg, Einstein, Schrödinger, and all the Quantum physicists.
  • Quantum Creativity creates moments of eternity when you are out of time and space.
  • Quantum Psychology completely changes your relationship with your body. 
  • You can create new mental connections which become the new you. 

In old psychology, I want to know what you think about me.  In Quantum Psychology, I want to know what you think about me, how you feel about me, and what you think I think about what you think about me, which is endless. This is the awareness of this endless spiral that looks like it stops, but in Quantum Psychology, it never stops. R.D. Laing from the Tavistock Institute in London was the first one to describe this. My first book, published in 1972, is about him. He was one of the pioneers of Quantum Psychology.

It was because of my first book that I was invited to teach a class on Wisdom of Madness and Antipsychiatry at Thomas Jefferson College in 1975.  

Who are you BECOMING today? 

Never forget to be crazy! 

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