An Imaginary Future

Each generation has an imaginary future 

  • The war to end all wars: 1914
  • The United Nations 
  • The year 01: equality 
  • Napoleon’s Europe 
  • The New World 
  • Hitler’s Reich
  • Communism
  • The USSR
  • 18th century France
  • The Ottoman Empire

What is our today?

  • The end of capitalism as we know it
  • Victims vs oppressors
  • Racism against anyone who disagrees with you
  • Men vs women 
  • China dominates the world
  • Health politics
  • Global viruses/ vaccines 
  • Local answers
  • Sharing economy
  • Green Fascism
  • The disappearance of the middle class
  • The U curve 
  • Younging 
  • Robots 
  • Electric cars 
  • Mars 
  • No gender 
  • Universal salary at birth
  • Useful idiots democracy 
  • Woke
  • Cancel culture
  • Victims 

Intelligent people are not dangerous, but an army of anonymous irresponsible selfy kids who can only see the world through their cell phones, who want to impose their simplistic ideas and are ready to bully you into submission, represent the real danger our civilization is facing. 

What you cannot say controls you.  Political correctness? (Who decides what is correct?). No dialogue means no opening up to other people or ideas.

Their ideas are in a tin can: we don’t want to eat the same processed food from tin cans.  They replaced class struggle with racial struggle. It is the same can with a different label and the same taste. Isomorphism.

But we also have an imaginary past. We invent it and recreate it again and again.

The past?

The future?

But even the present is a matter of imagination. The Quantum law rules that perception is reality. Anticipation creates emotions and even permanently transforms, making our present fit our mental state.  Satisfaction depends on expectations.

Suppose I wanted to go to Boston College and was accepted to OXFORD.  I would be thrilled. But I would be unhappy if I tried to go to OXFORD and was admitted to Boston College.  This has nothing to do with Boston College but with my expectations. 

Neurosis is the distance between your ideal self and your present self as perceived by you. If your ideal self is very close to your present self, you might be ok. But you are miserable if your ideal self is far from your present self. If you are a footman and become a butler, you are happy, but if you are a footman and want to become the Lord, you are very unhappy. 

The problem is not who you are or what level you are in, but the distance between your ideal self and your perceived self.

The French live in heaven but think they are in hell because they know what is supposed to be perfect and cannot get it, so they end up in St. Helena.

Quantum Creativity

Everything was fine, every detail was perfect, everything was on schedule, and then … I did not get the contract.

Nothing was working; the taxi was late and then broke down; I forgot my documents; I was not dressed as I should have; I had no coffee; I was tired and upset, and then … I got the contract.

Quantum anticipation??

Each second is a new world.

The past does not exist. 

Always be your future, not your past, even your last minute or second.  Always be you in the future. 


Every moment is a new beginning, a new life.

Let your future pull you out of your past/ present, dead boring old you.

Anticipation in the binary linear world has only two possibilities.  Quantum anticipation is illimited.

You can go anywhere, any time, all the time.

How do you anticipate a surprise?  By being openly available and nonjudgemental.  Just learn to improvise!  Let the surprises surprise you!  Be creative in the moment. 

Listen to your Banana* just came out of nowhere to perfectly express my thoughts.

This is Quantum creativity.


* This is the title of my new book.

Let’s Become Quantum Creators

Everything is in our minds.  There are consequences to how you feed your mind. 

We should be grateful not for what is happening to us now but for what will happen in our future, the new future we are creating now! 

Yes, thanks; I am grateful for what is going to happen next.

We are quantum creators.  Let’s give thanks for this incredible potential we all have.  Let’s feed our minds with greatness, compassion, genius, love, awareness, and generosity, and let this become our new self, our new collective future.  Let’s create it in our minds and then make it happen.

Too many people are in survival mode.  We need to move this world to the Quantum Creator mode.

I want to thank and express my gratitude to everyone worldwide who is showing the way.

There is a new world inside each of us; let’s give birth to it.

Life is not Short

Life is fast.

You have to be fast to catch up, or you will always be late and arrive when you are already gone.

It is a race between who you are and want to be.

Don’t just be yourself; be the one you want to be. 

The one in front of you who is winning the race. Never look back.

There is « has-been» but also « will be.»

You are your future.