Your brain is not in charge

Your brain is not in charge. It is not the boss. You are!

You should always be giving instructions to your brain. Stop spinning on the hamster wheel of regrets and the past. Ask for what you want, and never forget your future.

You are the placebo. Your mind and body are one, but they are also one with their environment. 

Be selective, be demanding, and be creative. You are what you eat and think about, the music you listen to, the colors surrounding you, the people you speak to, the animals, the flowers, the painting you are looking at, and your dog licking your face. They are all you. What is outside is also inside. 

Everything is connected, and the result is YOU.

Be the designer, the painter, and the choreographer of your everyday life.

You are a QUANTUM creator, the quantum creator of your life. 

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