The first examples of quantum marketing

How Quantum laws definitively change our marketing approach.


  • The Uncertainty principle (Heisenberg): you cannot know for sure where a particle is if you know its velocity (movement).
  • Look at brands not in terms of their image and position today but in terms of movement, direction, velocity, and future. This can apply to Tesla as well as Cartier. How is your brand moving?
  • We don’t need brand managers but brand pilots, or quantum pilots, to guide your brand in the new quantum reality of multiple universes.


  • Superposition. Quantum computers are already capable of this. They don’t function like old yes or no computers but respect the quantum law of yes AND no, and more. What is your brand’s Superposition, not just position? What are the elements of the YES as well as the NO?


  • Everything is connected: The Zeitgeist. 
  • How is the expected collective unconscious modifying your brand identity, and creating new unconscious needs that your brand could address and own? 
  • How are smartphones connected to teen suicides? Misusing the term vaccine to deal with COVID has created a new strong resistance to classic medicine, science, and vaccination. 


  • Entanglement occurs when two particles combine to form a unity of complementary movement. Even if we separate them, they are instantaneously connected, even if one is in New York and the other in Tokyo. Knowing one tells you exactly what the other is doing. This is a new way to look at co-branding. 
  • First, we need to entangle them. 
  • Second, we separate them. 
  • The moving one will move the second instantaneously. Think watches and tennis players, coffee and movie stars. 


  • Quantum Brand Analysis. 
  • Quantum is the new reality. Use Quantum glasses to better understand your brand, products, and customers. Discover your brand as an « influencer » in a Quantum world. 
  • Quantum X-ray. Discover the questions to ask. Einstein said: « Answers are easy; questions are difficult . »
  • Quantum glasses to allow you see new surprising questions.

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