We are not Aging.
We are Younging. 
Going into a new life with new dreams, new purpose, new joys and discoveries. 
My new life is QUANTUM.
  • It is a new understanding of what makes us who we are and how our old way of thinking is outdated and restrictive.
  • Quantum thinking is opening up a new perspective that has completely changed my life.
  • No more oppositions but complementarities. 
  • Quantum computers can solve a problem in 100 seconds, which would have taken years for classic computers to solve.
  • We can apply Quantum thinking to every aspect of our lives.
  • This is the Quantum Revolution, which transitioned from candles to electricity or horses to jets. 
Today, my higher purpose is to develop and teach Quantum thinking.
This will start with my next book, Listen to Your Banana—How Quantum Physics Has Changed My Life, followed by the creation of the Quantum Institute. I will explain how to apply Quantum thinking to everything: Quantum psychology, Quantum advertising, Quantum marketing, Quantum medicine, Quantum love—sex—food, Quantum mind and Quantum body. 
Welcome to the new Quantum world. 
The Quantum spaceship is leaving soon. Don’t miss it!
Be Quantum or die!
The Quantum you are waiting for already exists. It is just waiting for you to become wave and particle, stop thinking binary and linear, and enjoy superpositions and entanglement. 
It is not a new life. 
It is a lot more! 
I know it is spooky, but it is so exciting.
Forget about Artificial intelligence.
Welcome to Quantum Intelligence.

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