Quantum Creativity

Everything was fine, every detail was perfect, everything was on schedule, and then … I did not get the contract.

Nothing was working; the taxi was late and then broke down; I forgot my documents; I was not dressed as I should have; I had no coffee; I was tired and upset, and then … I got the contract.

Quantum anticipation??

Each second is a new world.

The past does not exist. 

Always be your future, not your past, even your last minute or second.  Always be you in the future. 


Every moment is a new beginning, a new life.

Let your future pull you out of your past/ present, dead boring old you.

Anticipation in the binary linear world has only two possibilities.  Quantum anticipation is illimited.

You can go anywhere, any time, all the time.

How do you anticipate a surprise?  By being openly available and nonjudgemental.  Just learn to improvise!  Let the surprises surprise you!  Be creative in the moment. 

Listen to your Banana* just came out of nowhere to perfectly express my thoughts.

This is Quantum creativity.


* This is the title of my new book.

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